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How It Works | Casino Vouchers


Each guest will be given a casino "voucher" (also known as "script" or "funny money") at the beginning of the event in the amount of 500 "points" (this amount can be adjusted +/- for fundraisers, specific events etc. Please ask for details!). 

Once they choose a table, they will exchange their casino voucher to the dealer for the amount of chips they would like to play with. When they are ready to leave that table, they will again exchange their chips back to the dealer. The dealer will quickly adjust their voucher to the new amount win/lose. The player will simply move on to the next table they choose and repeat the process. 

Our dealers will do all of the work!

This is a quick and simple way to keep the players from having to carry a large amount of chips around for the evening while keeping each table fully stocked with the necessary chips for play. Our dealers will be more than helpful in assisting your guests through this simple process. This is also a fast, easy way to determine the players with the most points at the end of the event.  

Custom Vouchers for your event (logos, etc.) are also available - please ask for details!

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